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If your arts are here, don't worry, i really love them :iconchocoloveplz:
i lied:icontrollgustaplz:



Artist | Student | Digital Art
My Facebook ~~~> (if you want to please feel free to add me :3 )

Mah closest darlings~~~~~ :iconlazeplz:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :iconlazingplz:


Finally decided to get my lazy ass to dA with more crappy and unfinished drawings after being inactive for nearly 2 years (if I remember correctly).

I'm basically interested in video games and anime/manga

A big fan of: the DMC series (not so into DmC), AC series and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series

DA RAGE COMIC GUYS :icondurrhurrplz:
:iconffplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontearyguyplz: :iconinglipplz: :iconffuplz: :iconokayfaceplz: :icondarkrageplz: :iconforeveraloneplz: :iconloolfaceplz: :iconmegustaplz: :iconfuckyeaplz: :iconareyoukiddingmeplz: :iconhailinglip: :icontearsofrageplz: :iconfacepokerplz: :iconefgplz: :iconareyouplz: :iconewbteplz: :iconawwyeaplz: :iconatomicrageplz: :iconlolguyplz: :iconragefaceplz: :iconcerealguyplz: :iconspittingcerealguyplz: :iconiamdissapointplz: :iconfffuuuplz: :icony-u-noplz: :iconffffplz: :iconfuuuuuplz: :iconfuurageplz: :iconiliedplz: :icontrolldadplz: :iconffuuuplz: :icondealwithtrollplz: :iconrainbowtrollplz: :icontrollmomplz: :iconfffuuuuplz: :iconnofaceguyplz: :icondumbbitchplz: :iconchallengeacceptedplz: :iconsweet-jesus-faceplz: :iconareyouseriousguyplz: :iconhappy-plz: :iconiliedfaceplz: :iconhappyforeveraloneplz: :iconfapguyplz: :iconderpinaplz: :iconbiggrin-plz: :iconujellyplz: :iconnewfagfaceplz: :icondealwithnewfagplz: :iconepicfailguyplz: :iconnotbadplz: :iconilied-plz: :iconhappyrageguy: :iconchallangeacceptedplz: :iconmilkfaceplz: :iconforeveratrollplz: :icondoublefuuuplz: :icontrolldadjumpplz: :iconnothingtodohereplz: :iconitssomethingplz: :iconmother-of-godplz: :icontrollgustaplz: :iconnotbad-obamaplz: :iconbabytrollplz: :icontheobserverplz: :iconmiradafijaplz: :icontrolledtrollplz: :iconinfinitodesprecioplz: :icontruestoryplz: :iconderpinafacepalmplz: :iconawwyeahplz: :icongtfoguyplz: :iconmegustamuchoplz: :iconstrawberryguyplz: :iconcloseenoughplz: :iconchallengedeniedplz: :iconallthethingsplz: :iconman-faceplz: :iconbadpokerfaceplz: :iconwhynotplz: :iconnoumadplz: :iconffffuuuplz: :iconfyeahplz: :iconneveraloneplz: :iconayfkmplz: :iconyoumadbroplz: :iconcerealguyangryplz: :iconharpdarpplz: :iconsadguyplz: :iconimoveritplz: :iconohstopityouplz: :iconmenogustaplz: :iconhappyguyplz: :iconnomemeplz: :iconkiddingmeplz: :iconiknowthatfeelbroplz: :icontysonreactionplz: :icontoolongdidntreadplz: :iconsadallthethingsplz: :icontrollofficerplz: :iconangryharpdarpplz: :icongaytrollplz: :iconjackiechanmemeplz: :icontrippyguywantplz: :iconfreddiemercury-plz: :iconyoudontsayplz: :iconpedobearaukmplz: :iconfuckthatshitplz: :iconwegotabadasshereplz: :iconohgodwhy-plz: :iconnowkiss-plz: :icont-rexrageplz: :icondinoinglipplz: :iconmedinoistaplz: :icondinoinglipgirlplz: :iconpffftchplz: :iconfliptableplz: :icongirlinglipplz: :iconwaldohasfoundyouplz: :iconwaldookayplz: :icondinookayplz: :icongirlrageplz: :iconfemtrollplz: :icongirlgustaplz: :icongirltrollplz: :iconforevermegustaplz: :iconfeellikeatrollplz: :icontysonreactiongirlplz: :iconforeveralonegirlplz: :iconfuckthatshitgirlplz: :icongirlschlickplz: :iconbiggringirlplz: :icondeterminedgirlplz: :icondroolinggirlplz: :iconlolgirlplz: :iconextremeragegirlplz: :iconokaygirlplz: :iconsadgirltrollplz: :icongirlpffftchplz: :iconcryingrageguyplz: :iconfuckyeahgirl1plz: :iconcyringragegirlplz: :iconragegirlbegplz: :iconicwhatyoudidthereplz: :iconsweet-jesusplz: :iconwhat-noplz: :iconuhm-plz: :iconsadtrollfaceplz: :iconwatmemeplz: :icontrollrollplz: :iconsadtrollplz: :iconyunotrollplz: :icontrollmorphplz: :iconwhoareyoupeopleplz: :icondoginglipplz: :iconspiderpmanplz: :iconomgopenmouthplz: :iconimwatchingyoumemeplz: :iconpokerface3plz: :icontrolldanceplz: :iconjackiechanface1plz::iconjackiechanface2plz: :icontrollface-kingplz: :iconsocloseplz: :icondeterminedguyplz: :iconmotherofgustaplz:


I, once, was too weak by chaulenba
I, once, was too weak
Finally, a fanart dedicated to Vergil for the upcoming DMC4SE :iconcryforeverplz:
Vergy is still hurt from his mama's death and tries to kill his weaker side (at least that's what I think this should be)
Let's hope that Capcom won't do what they did in DMC3SE to him this time

Character belongs to Capcom
Hellsing: Alucard by chaulenba
Hellsing: Alucard
Something I made last year but didn't upload till now :icontearplz:
Alucard's Ice Bucket Challenge by chaulenba
Alucard's Ice Bucket Challenge
I made this waaaaayyyyyyy long ago when this was trendy. Actually my friend challenged me to do so XD
Still, i love them tho
Bday gift for my friend by chaulenba
Bday gift for my friend
Something I've made for her birthday, I'm glad that she liked it
Color Practice: Dante by chaulenba
Color Practice: Dante
I was gonna draw Vergil because of the DMC4 Special Edition's announcement trailer but somehow I drew Dante instead :iconmingplz:
I haven't been on dA for such a long time (because I was lazy :iconminghideplz: ) but I'm so glad that dA has made a mobile app so that I can access it easier now

Character belongs to Capcom
Im bored so I'm gonna start writing random stuffs in Vietnamese ( I feel very comfortable while doing so since no one will read this spam journal :iconmingplz:) but I'll be very happy if my friends decide to join the "derp" with me (if they are not busy :iconforeveraloneplz:)

 Tớ đang rảnh rỗi nên ngồi ôm iPad viết nhảm một tí, viết xong là lại ôm sách ngồi học Văn (ôi hận :iconpapmingplz:).
 Hơn 11 năm học tiếng Việt và ngữ Văn bao giờ tớ cũng bị chết cái lỗi là viết dài ḍng và không mạch lạc :iconpapmingplz: và c̣n nữa là không làm kịp bài :icongodwhyplz:
 Người ta đă thế giờ c̣n bắt ngồi cảm thụ Văn học :iconlazycryplz: chẳng hiểu sao đọc truyện th́ cũng thấy tâm đắc lắm mà đọc thơ là tịt hết cảm xúc :iconpapmingplz: vâng khổ văi ạ :iconemoluigiplz:
 H́nh như ḿnh toàn viết journal để phàn nàn :iconlazyshadowedplz:
 Thế này làm sao mà thi Kiến Trúc đây :iconmilly-fox:???????
 Thôi thi tốt nghiệp xong ra sông tự tử cho khỏe :iconimdeadplz:
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